PUCK YEAH 24 with special guest Ian Wannamaker

0:00 – We’re back! Why were we away for so long?
2:00 – Bringing in Ian Wannamaker
4:00 – Playing junior hockey in Canada
7:00 – Ian’s only fight in the NZIHL
8:30 – Gaining NZ citizenship and being selected by the Ice Blacks
9:40 – Traveling to Iceland for an Ice Blacks tournament
12:45 – Showing our love for Tim Hortons
14:00 – Other favourite countries Ian has traveled to playing for the Ice Blacks
15:00 – The growth of New Zealand’s hockey game
19:30 – Being a hockey play-by-play commentator and the New Zealand v Mexico rivalry
22:10 – Building up the rivalry between NZ and Australia to attract more casual fans
24:40 – Ian’s time playing for the Botany Swarm and winning three NZIHL championships
26:10 – The Botany Swarm’s current struggles and how they can turn it around
28:40 – What an assistant coach does within a hockey team
30:45 – Can the NZIHL grow further and perhaps add a Wellington team?
33:40 – Does having import players help or hurt the development of NZ players?
38:49 – Being part of the NZIHL 100 club and favourite memories
41:45 – What can the NZIHF do to help grow hockey further in New Zealand?
47:10 – Favourite hockey movies
50:44 – Video game consoles from our childhood
52:40 – The NHL’s next-gen coming through and how NZ can learn from their marketing
56:45 – Ian being a life-long Toronto Maple Leafs fan
59:19 – Daydreaming about NHL players flashing their cash and investing in NZIHL teams
1:00:40 – The realities of being a NZIHL import and attracting new players
1:03:59 – Is the NZIHL a dangerous league to play in?
1:08:22 – Let’s wrap it up!