PUCK YEAH 31: The Catch Up

Three weeks without recording a new episode felt like a long time, but we’re back!

Of course last week we were on location at Paradice Avondale covering an amazing weekend of beer league hockey at the BHL Holiday Classic tournament. There’s some great characters involved with the Backyard Hockey League who are incredibly passionate about growing and improving hockey in New Zealand, so make sure to catch up on that episode on SoundCloud, iTunes, or on this website.

We know that we’ve taken a couple breaks over the course of our first year – so there hasn’t been as many episodes of Puck Yeah Podcast as we would’ve liked, but in 2018 we’re aiming to have one out every week! Expect a lot from us when the NZIHL season rolls around too.

If you were wondering where we were, well… Joe has been in Memphis for work as Radio Hauraki’s resident Instagram husband (hence why there’s no photos of him in this post), while Logan was traveling around LA, Toronto and Nashville with his now fiancée – more on that later.


Logan takes in the warm ups at the Honda Center, home of the Anaheim Ducks.

Puck Yeah 31 does have hockey talk and yes, it’s mostly about the Toronto Maple Leafs and we are sorry (not sorry), but we also compare in-game experiences between Toronto and three other NHL franchises. On top of that, we talk about the Linkin Park & Friends concert that the band put on at the Hollywood Bowl as a way of celebrating the life of Chester Bennington with fans from all around the world.

Speaking of in-game experiences, as mentioned in this episode, ‘Maple Leafs Forever’ is one of the best sports montages around today. Brilliantly edited by Tim Thompson; it covers so much Toronto Maple Leafs history while looking towards the rather hopeful future. The team currently use it as one of their three hype videos that play before the puck is dropped for another period of hockey at the Air Canada Centre.

While in Toronto, Logan proposed to Sarah, his girlfriend of over six-years, on the waterfront of Lake Ontario with a personalised hockey jersey – there’s a good story behind the meaning of that jersey, which we get into on the podcast.

23517813_10159506544765361_4090801194325751466_nThere is more to tell, but you’ll have to listen to this week’s episode for all the details.

A lot happened on our separate trips, so much so that we ran out of time to mention everything – otherwise this podcast could have been really long. Like Steve Dangle long. We might save that for next week, but for now, we hope you enjoy Puck Yeah 31.

– Logan & Joe


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