PUCK YEAH 42: The Wellington Seals

Puck Yeah ran a feature back in November introducing the hockey world to Wellington’s only team, the Seals. They’re a chilled out bunch of guys and girls who just want to play the game, they don’t care who their opponents are or what the rink might look like.

We might as well start writing that Disney movie script because this team is all about Kiwi ingenuity on ice! Taika Waititi is slated to direct it (not actually, but call us bro).

Since that introduction, the Wellington Seals have gone on to play in the BHL’s Holiday Classic tournament and more recently the 2018 New Zealand Masters Games in Dunedin. The team have big plans for that crucial game time, including making the trip south for the Erewhon Cup.

Luke Turner calls in to chat about the origins of the team, their unique training environment and how they’ve transitioned to bigger sheets of ice, the insane amount of beer that gets drunk during a rec league tournament, plus is this the beginning of a possible NZIHL team in Wellington?

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THE WELLINGTON SEALS | Back row (L-R): Liam Bissell, Matt Kent, Zark Zeung (Assistant Coach), Paul Edlin, Guillaume Carrier, Luke Turner (Team Manager), Suzanna Bauer, Jason Tyson, Scotty J Abbott. Front row (L-R): Cam Belworthy, Johan Gouws, Jordan Boyle, Gina D Rienzo, Tania Bermudez (Captain). Absent: Danny Compton (Assist. Captain) , Heinz Wieser, Omar Habeeb, Doug Vrame, Ryan O’Donnell (Head Coach)