PUCK YEAH 25: Buddies, Hockey, Life – The Backyard Hockey Special

0:00 – Introducing Cam Green and Aaron Somerville from the BHL
1:30 – The BHL’s early days
4:39 – Expanding the BHL to include the FHL (Frontyard Hockey League)
5:13 – The guys get distracted by a random girl outside the studio
6:17 – How the expansion happened and partnering up with Camorra Hockey School
8:50 – Behind the scenes of the BHL Draft
10:43 – The goalie shootout video that went viral

14:20 – Designing the BHL jerseys
15:54 – Breaking down the team structure of the BHL/FHL
21:33 – The BHL Holiday Classic
26:50 – What’s going down at the 2017 BHL Draft
34:50 – Creating all the BHL teams into NHL17
35:38 – Doing in-game hosting & entertainment for the NZIHL’s West Auckland Admirals
37:00 – Pissing off the visiting teams with their in-game antics
38:25 – The creation of Rusty Anchor-Bottom, the Admirals mascot
40:15 – Adding the national anthem and developing the Admirals in-game presentation
44:44 – Can the NZIHL go bigger?
48:49 – The general lack of awareness of hockey’s existence in New Zealand
54:25 – Cam and Aaron’s early days of playing hockey in Canada
57:00 – Cam and Aaron turn the tables and ask the questions
58:03 – The passion of New Zealand sports fans
1:01:44 – Cam and Aaron’s favourite NHL teams
1:03:20 – Cam’s jersey collecting mission
1:05:48 – Allowing hockey players to show more of their personality in media interviews
1:07:20 – Speculating about what hockey will look at the next Winter Olympics
1:14:19 – Cam and Aaron’s favourite hockey movies
1:17:36 – Cam’s Dad has a special message for Joe
1:21:11 – Cam and Aaron hijack the ending for a line of dirty questioning


Aaron (not Obama) and Cam with Philadelphia Flyers great Keith Primeau.

BHL Season V – The Reset

It all started in the parking lot of the Avondale Gardens as an idea out of the brains of Cam Green and Ryan Langford.  “Dude, what if we started our own league…”

If you’re lucky enough to have met Cam you’ll agree with these two things about him.
He really, really, really loves hockey and any idea he has, no matter how “blue sky” it is, the next time you hear from Cam that idea is a reality.

When he and Langer had the idea of starting their own league, it wasn’t long after the can was empty and the dart was out that the BHL was born.

The name of the league sums it up perfectly; BHL – Backyard Hockey League – Buddies Hockey Life.

Four summers after the first parking lot chat, the BHL has expanded from four to six teams, held a draft at Eden Park, added FHL (Frontyard Hockey League) affiliate teams for each BHL team, which allowed more than another 70 players join the league and create a community that is the envy of all hockey associations in New Zealand.

Cups have been lifted, highlights have been featured on TSN, teeth have been lost, beers have been crushed and friendships have been made.

So what did the brain trust of the BHL have in store for the fifth season?

The Reset.

Teams would only be left with a “Core Four” of players from their previous season rosters and everyone else went back into the Free Agent pool to be picked in the draft.

29 rounds and over 150 picks.

The draft results will be announced this Friday at a prestigious black-tie event where everyone will learn their fate, which sweater they will be pulling on this summer and which teammates they will be chirping with before the game.

Spoiler alert: The first overall pick has already been announced