Our Story

Puck Yeah is New Zealand’s hockey podcast hosted by Logan Swinkels and Joe Durie. We like to banter about the NHL, NZIHL and pop culture. Subscribe on iTunes or SoundCloud for a new episode each week!

How Logan fell in love with hockey:
What really got me hooked on the game was the 1997 Stanley Cup Finals between the Detroit Red Wings and Philadelphia Flyers. So many legends of the game played in that series: Yzerman, Fedorov, Shanahan, Lidstrom, Lindros, LeClair, Coffey…I could go on.

This was during a time when Detroit was a powerhouse in the NHL. The Red Wings won that year and I was inspired by how the team rallied together to win again in 1998 after the tragic car accident that left their defenseman Vladimir Konstantinov paralysed, ending his career.

There were no ice rinks around Tauranga where I grew up so I started playing field hockey. Trying to copy what I saw on TV, but on astro-turf. I started at forward but progressed to goalie because all of that padding made me feel like I was a step closer to my childhood dream of playing goalie for an NHL team.

But now here I am – I’ve been following hockey since I was 11; I traveled to Toronto in 2013 to immerse myself in hockey culture for a year and now I love it more than ever.

Through our efforts with Puck Yeah – both the podcast and this website – I want to help grow ice hockey in New Zealand.

How Joe became mad for hockey:
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