PUCK YEAH 39: Ice Fernz captain Helen Murray

As a hockey player that we greatly admire, Helen Murray is someone we’ve been wanting to have as a guest on the podcast since we began.

Along with being the New Zealand Ice Fernz captain, Helen also plays for the national women’s inline hockey team. Away from the sport, she recently earned her PhD and now works as a scientist at Auckland University’s Centre for Brain Research.

Helen joins us to talk about how she juggles her busy life between those studies and her hockey career, the Ice Fernz’s recent travels, the influence of inline hockey, and so much more!

Puck Yeah wants to support women’s hockey as much as we can, so having a highly motivated figure like Helen on our podcast to hopefully inspire NZ’s next-generation of players makes this a special episode.


Helen taking in her first NHL game during the Ice Fernz’s recent training camp in Toronto.

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