Puck Yeah Eats: Queenstown

Guest post by Joel Rindelaub (Botany Swarm)

If you are a fan of ice hockey in New Zealand, chances are you’ve seen a game in Queenstown at some point. Whether it has been to watch one of the last four Birgel Cup finals, the Ice Blacks taking on Australia in the Trans-Tasman Challenge, or just as a mid-winter escape to watch your favourite team battle it out, Hockeytown NZ always seems to deliver a rowdy atmosphere and a great spectacle.

Along with the high energy of the Queenstown Ice Arena, the town is also home to plenty of hoppin’ nightlife and food options. And, here at Puck Yeah, we like food. Like… a lot.

So with a camera in our hands and cuisine in our heads, we decided to explore the scene and show you a few staples that can take your game day experience to the next level – not including the famous Bob’s Weigh Cafe however, that place requires its own episode at a later date!

(Also, as it turns out, Queenstown is pretty expensive, and — if you show up with a video camera — businesses tend to be much more lenient on the final bill. 60% of the time, it works every time. Trust me.)

In any case, just sit right back, open a bevvy, and let Puck Yeah give you a virtual tour for your taste buds. Cheers!

Where are you favourite Queenstown food spots? Let us know with a comment below or on our Facebook page.