PUCK YEAH 26: Becoming A Hockey Fan feat. Josh Kretschmar

0:00 – Introducing Josh Kretschmar and wondering whether the Swarm (of Botany) is a bee or a wasp?
2:14 – How hockey won Josh over as a new fan of the sport
4:49 – Becoming a suffering Vancouver Canucks fan
8:05 – EA’s NHL video game series
11:50 – Josh’s first live game experience
13:39 – Like son like father? Josh’s Dad gets hooked on hockey too
14:48 – Getting drafted and playing in the Frontyard Hockey League
15:37 – Josh scores a goal off his face playing Joe’s team in a BHL pre-season game
16:40 – The feeling of playing alongside or against your favourite NZIHL players during the BHL season
20:10 – How Josh got more involved with the Botany Swarm as a dedicated volunteer
23:12 – Poor internet killing NZIHL live streams and the possibility of improving
24:49 – What is on offer for NZIHL season ticket holders?
28:00 – How will the Vancouver Canucks fare in the 2017-18 NHL season
28:45 – Thoughts on the ADIDAS jerseys now that we’ve seen them in action during the NHL pre-season
32:37 – Josh’s favourite player to watch in the Vancouver Canucks
33:47 – Changes happening with the Botany Swarm going into the 2018 NZIHL season
36:54 – Easy ways to spread the word about hockey to get more New Zealanders hooked and more NHL video game chat to wrap things up