BHL Season 5: Les Pylones

The Backyard Hockey League, Auckland’s premiere beer league, is back for season 5.

Since all the rosters got a major reset for the 2017-18 season, Puck Yeah invited BHL President Cam Green to provide our readers with the lowdown on all the squads for ‘The Show: Season V’.

Next up in this six-part series, Les Pylones. The team that features a beaten-up Randy Marsh (of South Park fame) as their logo.

Skill and comradery is the Les Pylones formula for success. The red machine has been the team that always competes hard and enjoys playing as a unit. After landing perennial BHL Allstars Robbie Chamberlain and league MVP Tim McKay in the draft the Red Machine is poised to make a run to the finals for the 3rd time in five years.

Logan Gilliard*- Tim McKay – Robbie Chamberlain
Ivan Kitslitskiy – Shawn Cormier* – Vadim Novikov
Daren Spencer – Richard DeVere – Gary Goodall

Russell Black – Dimitriy Chaykovskiy
Sean Fullan* – Phil Lyle
Rob Chidrawi* – Chris Jefferies

FHL Reserves:
Phil Lyle, Rob Chidrawi

Tony Simmis

The Frontyard Hockey League is the official farm system for the BHL. Les Pylones’ affiliate is Les Cones. View their roster here.

Note: Players marked with an asterisk are BHL rookies and can be sent down to the FHL without having to clear waivers.

Can the Red Machine return to their post-season form from years past, retain some of that magic from last year’s postseason and become the first BHL team to claim two Backyard Cups?

ONE TO WATCH: Logan Gillard (Canada)
Gilly has been dominant in Auckland’s SNC (senior non-check) season since arriving in the country. Being paired with Chamberlain and McKay could prove to be a lethal recipe for opponents. If he can adjust his game to suit the BHL style, he has the hockey IQ and skill set to completely take over games.

Les Cones received an overhaul and will be a much-improved team for the Frontyard’s second season. The retention of several core players to the squad and the addition of Rachel Park, Stu Sontier and goaltender Janet Kidd will be an integral part of the rebuild as the Les Pylones’ affiliate moves forward.


Good one, Randy! The official Les Pylones logo.