Artist designs new hockey jersey concepts for 93 countries

Yesterday I put out an article about redesigning the Ice Blacks jersey for exhibition games. I did so with a very basic online designer but the results weren’t bad. Clean, fresh and sharp. Just how I like my cheese.

This morning I found an artist on Reddit with much better design skills who has created new jersey concepts for 93 different countries, including New Zealand and Australia.



Reddit user: SenorPantsBulge

That’s one way to kill boredom during the NHL’s off-season! Maybe next year the artist could give watching the NZIHL a shot? That definitely helps me with my puck withdrawals.

Also, SenorPantsbulge, my hat goes off to you for that outstanding username! Perhaps EA Sports could use your services for NHL19 and expand the amount of international teams that are available to play – you have the design work covered!

You can click here to see all of the jersey concepts but these are some of my favourites.

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