PUCK YEAH 28: Steve Dangle Gets An Oil Change

0:00 – Introducing this week’s guest, Steve Dangle, and his favourite moments creating the Leafs Fan Reaction videos.
2:31 – The Blue Room where the videos are filmed
3:33 – Late nights producing a same-day video of the latest game
5:23 – When Steve makes innocent mistakes in his videos
6:28 – Does Steve take more joy out of the Leafs being actually good or the Canadiens being terrible?
7:41 – Is it easier to make videos about the Maple Leafs now?
9:25 – Working for Sportsnet

13:00 – Creating the many different voices and characters that show up in the LFR videos, including the famous Mike Babcock impression
14:20 – Would Steve ever consider doing colour commentary for hockey broadcasts or another role in the future?
16:45 – What happens when Ron and Don retire from Hockey Night In Canada?
18:25 – The many different career paths for getting into today’s sports media
22:40 – Was the NHL debut of Australian Nathan Walker a big deal for Canadian hockey media?
24:04 – Steve Dangle gets his oil change and we say goodbye before slowly wrapping up another great episode. Perhaps our greatest yet?

Below are a few of Steve’s classic videos – the thumbnails really make you want to click, don’t they? Enjoy!