PUCK YEAH 25: Buddies, Hockey, Life – The Backyard Hockey Special

0:00 – Introducing Cam Green and Aaron Somerville from the BHL
1:30 – The BHL’s early days
4:39 – Expanding the BHL to include the FHL (Frontyard Hockey League)
5:13 – The guys get distracted by a random girl outside the studio
6:17 – How the expansion happened and partnering up with Camorra Hockey School
8:50 – Behind the scenes of the BHL Draft
10:43 – The goalie shootout video that went viral

14:20 – Designing the BHL jerseys
15:54 – Breaking down the team structure of the BHL/FHL
21:33 – The BHL Holiday Classic
26:50 – What’s going down at the 2017 BHL Draft
34:50 – Creating all the BHL teams into NHL17
35:38 – Doing in-game hosting & entertainment for the NZIHL’s West Auckland Admirals
37:00 – Pissing off the visiting teams with their in-game antics
38:25 – The creation of Rusty Anchor-Bottom, the Admirals mascot
40:15 – Adding the national anthem and developing the Admirals in-game presentation
44:44 – Can the NZIHL go bigger?
48:49 – The general lack of awareness of hockey’s existence in New Zealand
54:25 – Cam and Aaron’s early days of playing hockey in Canada
57:00 – Cam and Aaron turn the tables and ask the questions
58:03 – The passion of New Zealand sports fans
1:01:44 – Cam and Aaron’s favourite NHL teams
1:03:20 – Cam’s jersey collecting mission
1:05:48 – Allowing hockey players to show more of their personality in media interviews
1:07:20 – Speculating about what hockey will look at the next Winter Olympics
1:14:19 – Cam and Aaron’s favourite hockey movies
1:17:36 – Cam’s Dad has a special message for Joe
1:21:11 – Cam and Aaron hijack the ending for a line of dirty questioning


Aaron (not Obama) and Cam with Philadelphia Flyers great Keith Primeau.