NHL Puck Culture

NHL tweet emojis are here!

It’s what you’ve all been waiting for hockey fans, NHL Twitter emojis! Just use your team’s official hashtag and their logo will pop up at the end of your tweet.

Some teams went a step further to announce their new tweet emoji. Like the Minnesota Wild, who must be big fans of the Air New Zealand safety videos because this video is better than all of them.

What’s up with the St. Louis Blues having such a long hashtag? Just as well Twitter is eventually expanding to a 280-character limit because #AllTogetherNowSTL is going to waste some prime tweet real estate.

Combining a long hashtag with paws tapping away on a touchscreen, Louie the Bear clearly isn’t having a good time and Blues fans are sympathetic.

Coming into the season with the favourites tag attached to their team for the first time in a long time, the city of Edmonton must be pumped for the return of Connor McDavid and their Edmonton Oilers. But did they know their mascot Hunter the Lynx had some sweet karate moves?

It’s good to see that like most things related to the Vancouver Canucks, time and effort isn’t worth spending on this team…

Sorry Vancouver, but you’ll have to prove us wrong before you stop becoming such an easy target.


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